Where’s a quick, easy place where I can set up a “podcast?”

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    I’m putting podcast in quotation marks because I’m not actually trying to do a podcast. All I really want to do is add a music track to a presentation I have on Slideshare.net, which I would like to embed in my blog.

    According to Slideshare, the way to do this is to upload your mp3 file to a server in a place where it’s streamable, and they recommend using podcasting services for this purpose. I’m assuming, therefore, that I can’t just upload the file to my Web site.

    So what I need, apparently, is a podcasting site (or any place) where I can upload the music file and have it be streamable and have there be a URL which leads back to the mp3 file in its streamable state.

    Any suggestions?


    The blog I need help with is loudmary.wordpress.com.

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