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Where's Freshly Pressed?

  1. Where's Freshly Pressed pls? I think Im lost in this everchanging WP appearance. It used to be on the homepage so easy. And, pls, is there any way i can change that blue bar above, to other hues. What a color, gives me difficulty breathing :O

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  3. palechickstudios

    Malate, You can find freshly pressed blogs under the tab " blogs I follow" there is a option for "freshly pressed" and to the right it lists all pressed blogs in order with short descriptions..

    thats where I found it after 30 min of looking around.. Bad design wordpress..

  4. @palechickstudios
    Thanks for helping.

    Here is the direct link to the Freshly Pressed page!/read/fresh/

  5. 3ddasdaggiding

    Sure, but where is the direct link to the Freshly Pressed page in german? Can't find it since a week. Any ideas, thank you.

  6. I don't know as I don't communicate in any language except English. What happens when you click that link?
    Also have you tried asking here? Deutsch (German):

  7. 3ddasdaggiding

    Thank you, there is where I came from, because "Druckfrisch bringt nur englische Artikel" means: freshley pressed shows only english news . Think I have to ask Automattic.

  8. Meh ... that didn't succeed so I tagged this thread for a Staff response.

  9. Thanks guys. I know where to find it actually and just trying to call some attention to maybe change WP people's mind and bring back the more conducive FP display. After all, isn't it a good convention for web designers to -- as much as possible -- keep us viewers from using the scroll bar arduously.

  10. I hate the change they made. I preferred the Freshly Pressed blogs on a page of their own. It was simple, straightforward and good looking. I don't like having to scroll through to see what was picked. I'm not a huge user of the blog reader option as it is. Bring back the old Freshly Pressed page!

  11. I agree - bring back the old. I can't work this new one out at all.

  12. Hi, all!

    You should have a Freshly Pressed tab as one of your options along the top of the Reader; you can also access it from within the Reader itself - there's a link in the menu on the left-hand side. As for the layout, it should be back to the classic view now.

    We'll be testing out some new Reader post formats in the future, so this is really useful feedback for us to have - thank you!

  13. Back to its original beauty. Thanks WP

  14. I would add my preference for the original FP layout. I really hate this new layout for Freshly Pressed posts. Somehow they don't feel 'special' or curated anymore.

  15. Your hatred of the layout is irrelevant as is mine or anyone's else's. By the time we bloggers experienced the change(s) it was, in essence, a done deal. The design is not going to be reverted. However, if you have a specific support issue we will be glad to assist you.

  16. understood, thanks.

  17. Sorry but that's the way it is.

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