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where's my blog

  1. it's all gone - is word press down?

  2. can you be more specific cause I can clearly see that your blog is OK.

  3. Mine appears to be down too.

  4. Blogs are up but you can't get into the dashboard or post new articles.

  5. my blog is gone, too.

  6. Mine appears to be down too.

  7. Mine appears to be down too.

  8. mine as well..why does this seem to happen once a be willing to pay for a blog that was more reliable.

  9. thegridirongoddess

    Mine is gone too.

  10. Mine appears to be down too.

  11. Sorry for all the repeat posts - the page kept reloading!

  12. My blog dissapeared too.

  13. My blog dissapeared too.

  14. well why is it that I can clearly see your blogs, at least those of you who provide links to you blog. Try clearing your browser and cache or contact support

  15. All of you if you are still having the issue, we cannot help without a link to your blog. We cannot help if we cannot see try to see the blog.

  16. @aw beat me to it!

  17. I am now able to see my blog but...
    there WAS something wrong..and I see some enhancements being done ie, preview button now at the bottom of the page..why not make these changes later in the evening (ie, standard maintance window) or make users aware of down time.

  18. maybe we all were imaginging things but the dashboard was down for AT LEAST 10 minutes..i also was not able to go to my blog link which is hosted on yahoo but ported to WP...

  19. Well, its evening where Im at so maybe wordpress people work on eastern specific time

  20. Eastern "specific" time? What timezone is that? :)

    Yeah - it's after 11pm here in the East.

  21. Blogs were up, but access to the dashboard was gone. It just came back online a few minutes ago, so you all should be able to publish new posts again.

  22. damnit, LOL yeah that means I should be going to sleep now :)

  23. I just started and when I clicked the last "save info" button, I got a server error message. When I tried to log back in all my personal data and info I put in was gone. How do I get back to the "General" screen so I can put back in all the info I lost, or do I have to start all over? I hope someone out there listening.

  24. Interesting, I never lost my dashboard that I know of although I wasn't doing any posting or anything so I might have just missed it.

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