Where's my free email? Too complicated. I want my money back

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    I would like to speak to someone about a refund. I’m going to stick with my tried and true web host, Dynadot. Please let me know what the process is for receiving a refund. Your advertisements are VERY MISLEADING! Nowhere did I read that my “free email” would have to go through Google Apps, which is INCREDIBLY COMPLICATED TO SET UP!! For this reason alone, I’d like my money back. I’ve been trying to verify this damn account for over an hour. Conveniently, I cannot contact support at this time because your “form” is down.

    [Quick correction from staff: WordPress.com doesn’t offer email services, we offer a way to connect a mapped domain to an outside email provider and Google Apps is just one example. See the DNS help page for details.]

    The blog I need help with is thewriterkimmy.com.



    Not to worry. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention and you shall receive your refeund as requested.



    While you wait, I suggest you read this:




    Yeah, I keep trying the “cancel-domain” link, but I just get this same error:

    “Pardon the interruption while we work on some contact form updates. We’ll be back soon!”



    Someone has flagged this thread for staff attention, and they’ll get to it when they can.


    Thanks. I’ve just filed a dispute with PayPal. I’m really very upset that I have to go through all this to get some help. WordPress advertised 24/7 support, so where is it? I shouldn’t have to post in forums to get some help with a paid account. The worst part is this entire conversation can be Googled. Yet, I have every privacy stamp turned on in this account.



    You filed a dispute with PayPal already??? There was really no need to do that. From experience, staff does refund upgrades in a timely manner, whether or not the contact form is closed (which happens sometimes).



    I’m sorry for the trouble, please contact us directly via support@wordpress.com to request a refund, and we’ll put it through ASAP.

    To avoid any delays or other complications with your refund, we would appreciate it if you canceled the dispute process, but this is of course not a requirement.

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