Where's my post?

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    Hi, I just formatted a post and scheduled it for Wed. This is it in the editor:


    It’s in my list of posts.

    I’ve been viewing it all along when I click on “view post” in the editor.

    But the last time I clicked on “view post” I got the message that the post is not found although it shows the post url with the name of the post in it.


    Now every time I try to view the post, I get the same message that the post is not found with the same url.

    My blog is http//www.alwayswellwithin

    Help! Where is my post?

    Thanks so much.
    Blog url: http://alwayswell.wordpress.com/



    I’d like to rule-out a browser-specific issue.

    Do you have any better luck with Chrome?



    Someone else reported this same problem in the forum so I don’t think it’s a browser-specific issue. Here’s the original thread:


    She said:

    “I have just had the same problem – I schedule something weekly and have done exactly the same as normal and have the post just cant preview it once scheduled so guess its just a general issure that hopefully will be sorted – I had contacted wordpress on the contact us page – so maybe it will all be clear soon”

    I’ve been on WordPress.com for almost 2 years using Firefox the whole time. I’m never had a problem previewing a post that was in draft or scheduled stage.

    I don’t have chrome installed on my computer and I seriously doubt that’s the problem. I could be wrong of course, but seems like something else is up if more than one person is having the problem.


    I see you found the other thread with tons of people with the same problem and its all fixed now! Working fine. Thanks so much.

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