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Where's the about?

  1. I have an "about" feature in my profile, but I can't see in the blog page.


  2. The blog theme you chose does not display the "about" information. Some themes do and some don't. When we choose a theme that doesn't display this brief bit then we make an About page like this one.

  3. Thank you. How can I know which ones display the "about" and which don't?

    I stumbled upon another problem. I can't post a link to another site. I followed the directions. I highlighted the sentence, I clicked on the chain link, I inserted the web page, I clicked on the broken chain link. It doesn't work. I tried it several times.

  4. (1) There are theme reviews that you can sift through. The only theme I can think of off-hand that automatically provides a very brief bio in the sidebar is Regulus. Most folks who do not want to have an About page simply put their "About" info into a text widget and display it in their sidebar.

    (2) WordPress has two editors. Assuming you are using the visual rich text editor WYSIWYG then the icon you want to use is number 10.

  5. 1) I have a text widget in my presentation page, but I don't see it on the blog itself, and I have no idea how to put the text inside.

    2) That's the icon I clicked, and it didn't work. I clicked 10, and then 11. I don't have "editor" and "Html", but "visual" and "code".

  6. (1) Your widgets are found here => Dashboard => Presentation => Sidebar Widgets and the first thread explains what they are and how to use them
    And this may also be of help.

    (2) I can't help you with this because I don't understand what your problem is. The box you are using to write in is the editor.
    I do not use the visual rich text editor myself so you'll have to wait for another blogger to help.

  7. Ok, the widget works. Thanks.

    As for the link, it turns out that only when I highlight a single word, it works.

    Do you by any chance know what do I have to do in order that the time would be shown in the posts? I have a time slot in the profile page, I save it, but it doesn't show.

  8. That's theme dependant as well. Some designers include it while others don't.

    I believe that engtech page that TT linked to lists that as well.

  9. The theme reviews do include the time stamp and date information but this thread is a quicker way to check

    Also I'd like to add that whenever one makes a post one could type in the time. :)

  10. Thanks for that. I have the Sapphire theme and I like it very much. I wouldn't want to change it just for the date... Well, that's a shame, I guess. I don't NEED a date stamp, I just thought it would be nice to have it, since most blogs (that I know of) do.

    And yes, I could write down the time, but it wouldn't look a nice as it would if it was enbedded, would it? It would just be a part of the post, a little awkward, I think.

    And speaking of time, I have another wierd problem. All comments to posts are stuck on the same time! I've been to the profile and fiddled around with the time thingy over there. Hope it works...

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