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where's the 'publish' button

  1. I've managed to work my way through many many irritating repeat steps to get the image to the point of publishing it but now I don't have a publish button any more. Nor do I have a send to editor, or upload.
    Why have you done this new system, it so counter intuitive. Tell me why this is better than the 'old' system? Where you all just sitting around bored or what?

  2. It's on the right of the posting window. Please take a thorough look at the Dashboard, I find it much better organized now.

  3. I think you want to press the "Save" button.

    I agree with you, Drawinglady, the new Dashboard isn't better or more user friendly than the old Dashboard. It's clumsy and not user friendly.

  4. when I try to post the image, I have 2 alternatives, I can "save all changes" or "insert into post" as soon as I click either I go back to my post but no image appears.
    I have been - insert obscenity of choice here - with this for the past 2 hours and am close to tears of rage and frustration. If this is not easily resolved soon I am taking my blog elsewhere.

  5. Have you read the other threads on posting images? There are several on the front page of the forums, so go through those first. Several different issues have emerged and several different solutions found.

  6. I see what your problem is. Please try the logout, clear cookies'n'cache, login move. Then consult this thread

    If the problem persists, please report back with OperatingSystem, Browser, flash version information.

  7. Dear Deltafoxtrot, that is so kind but what does 'Please try the logout, clear cookies'n'cache, login move' mean?

  8. "Consult this thread" was supposed to link to another thread.

    The secret move I was talking about includes logging out of WordPress, clearing your browser cahe and cookies, logging in again.

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