Where’s the special premium support? Just bought “Headlines” … need help!

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    Hey, where’s that support I was told I’d have as a Premium customer? I can find no special section for Premium users! I bought Headlines, clicked on Help and it just takes me to the general forum. I need help! I activated the sliders but there is HUGE white space between the bottom of the slider and the next static post. This is a real problem.

    Lance, you said:

    “Support is here on WP.com in a dedicated support forum only available to site owners who’ve purchased a theme. When you activate Headlines you will see a link to it in your Dashboard, or when you are on the Forums homepage. All the support is handled by the theme authors themselves, here on the WP.com forum.”

    Uh…(1) I clicked on Help link in upper right-hand corner right under “Log Out.”
    (2) That took me to “Choose a Category”
    (3) I clicked on “Appearance” and that took me to another pull down menu that gave me yet more options.
    (4) I clicked on “Community Forums” and I’m in the GENERAL forum … no “special” place for Premium people
    (5) I tried instead to click on Happiness Engineer (while not being very “happy”) and just got the old support ticket everyone gets and has to fill out.

    So…guys, I’m not feeling very special here!

    The blog I need help with is jennikeast.wordpress.com.



    At Appearance -> Themes in your Dashboard, you’ll see the following under the active theme description:

    “Need some help? Visit the Premium Themes support forum to get expert advice.”

    You can click the “Premium Themes support forum” link to be taken directly to the private support forum.



    Okay, thanks. Wow, I sure would have never found that if you hadn’t told me . Fer sure.



    You’re welcome!

    You can also find “Premium Themes” listed as one of the forum categories to the left.

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