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Where's the "Thank You WordPress" section

  1. I think WordPress deserve a section where us bloggers can thank them for all their hard work.

    Of course one such section may already exist, I just haven't found it yet!

    Anyway, can I just put on record my many thanks to all of you who work at WordPress you've let me put in words what's been exploding in my head for some time now, thoughts about my favourite tv series of all time, Doctor Who.

    All the features/options do "exactly what they say on the tin" even if I haven't explored/discovered every option yet!

    And best of all, you let me rant for FREE, are you crazy?

    Bargain of the century!

    Many, many thanks to you all!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you would like to send a praise letter to staff you can do so from this link or you can thank them through the forums like you did but staff doesn't check the forums much.

  3. shesboxingclever

    HUGS! After sending a note with the link above, read some more, here:

    @ t3ck, I'm liking the new gravatar!

  4. t3ck - message sent, thanks!

  5. p.s how do I get rid of that pink icon to the left of my posts, it really isn't me ;)

  6. shesboxingclever

    ummm, upload a gravatar image in the widgets section of your blog dashboard. It'll show up here as your avatar. Or, I think you can just upload an avatar in your forum profile, but I'm not positive, as I used the gravatar widget don't quote me on it.

  7. @shesboxingclever Thank you for the Gravatar compliment! = )

    @dreamsfromthevoid Please check out this tutorial for a better understanding of Gravatar

  8. hear, hear--and they are so nice about image space!

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