Where’s the Tweet?

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    So I followed the directions for adding the tweet button and checked it twice, but I don’t see the tweet button on my blog. Am I looking in the right place?

    The blog I need help with is zingarapoet.wordpress.com.


    Mine is showing up at the bottom left of my posts when I click the permalink of a post.



    The tweet button is for wordpress.com hosted blogs and appears on the individual post pages at the bottom of the post.

    If you are running a self-hosted blog, or aren’t looking at an individual post page, you won’t see it.



    Why only on the individual post page? If someone comments on one of my posts, once they click on comment it takes them straight to the comment box. if they don’t scroll up they will never see the tweet button or the like button.


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    Right now, the tweet symbol is at the bottom of a single post view so presumably a reader will select a post, read it, then see the little bird, and last comment. That seems to be the logic for why wp has placed it where it has.

    Your question is more about the placement of the tweet thingy than about why it is visible only on a single post view. A reader would use it for a post, not the whole blog; if it were on the front page, how would it know which post the reader wanted?

    You could suggest to staff that it be placed directly above the comment box rather than above the comments. Or possibly you’d prefer to see it beside the link to comments?



    Had my button for a few posts, now it’s gone. Using Coraline. Checked Appearances/Extras and the box is still checked. Wha happenend?




    Actually the retweet button shortcode for wordpress.com blogs and full instructions were originally posted in the forum in this thread. > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/heres-how-to-add-a-tweetmeme-button-to-your-blog-posts-wo-plugins-or-long-cod?replies=98

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