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Where's the "White as Milk" theme?

  1. I'm using the "White as Milk" theme on my blog, and was considering experimenting with other themes. Fortunately before I activated any other theme, I noticed that I could not locate "White as Milk" in the collection of themes. Is it gone for good? .... meaning that if I activate another theme, I lose "White as Milk" permanently?
    Thanks in advance for any replies.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you are using White as Milk you won't see it as an available theme. You are already using it.

  3. I sense an admin, or javabot, coming on and saying something to the effect of: "We need a blog to help you".

  4. That is, if you change to Digg3, then you won't see Digg3 as an available theme, but White as Milk will again be available.

  5. hye all....i'm from malay...maybe u all cannot understand what topic at my blog..but, i would like 2 be your friend....coming n comment something at my blog...mybe u all can give me the good idea for any topic...hehehe...

  6. Thanks very much for your replies! This all makes sense now...

  7. @starmoon
    This is a technical support forum. We do not chat here at all. We only post into threads if we have the correct and complete answers. Posting anything off-topic into a thread is a demonstration of rudeness towards to person who needs help.

    If you want to chat with other users please post to this forum instead - Off -Topic Forum

    If you want advice on your blog and how to improve and promote it please post to this forum instead - Showcase Forum

    Thank you :)

  8. ~~~Hey TT~~~

    I think that starmoon85 was implying that the OP did not provide a link to his/her blog and that would be needed to get an answer from us volunteer forum folk, not an attempt to start a disccusion off-topic. That is he/she was pointing out that, "It is something we (volunteers) "always" request."

    But in this case, I did make a reply to the OP's ?q? because of all the obvious references to themes on

  9. @bunkalearner
    You are welcome. Happy blogging!

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