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which address do I use in webmaster tools for blog verification?

  1. I mapped my existing domain to my new blog. Now I'm verifying my blog w/webmaster tools.

    When I submit my domain name to be verified through Webmaster Tools, should I used (my domain) or the as the blog to be verified? I imagine it's the former....does it matter in regard to SEO?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have the same question ... does anyone have an answer?

  3. I used this support documentation entry and had no problems at all. Are you using it too?


    Your username is linked to a "private" blog. Is that the one you are trying to have verified? If so it does not make any sense to choose to make the blog private to keep search engines oit of it and prevent them from indexing the content and also ask them to verify the site for indexing purposes.

  4. @clareannette
    I think I was wrong above. As you are having the blog domain mapped from to I believe the latter is the one to use.

  5. /nod to Timethief, yes if you have a mapped domain, use the domain name you have mapped to the blog, not the original.

  6. @TSP
    Thanks so much for confirming. I didn't catch on to the domain mapping at first because I didn't click through. :)

  7. My issue was much more simple -- I was trying to verify while my site was protected. Duh ...

    Thanks for offering help!

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