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    I just started playing around with wordpress.com, because I thought it was the most flexible blogging platform. I have no idea of blogging and this is my very first attempt.
    I tried out various themes and I must say that I have not been impressed. It seems not to be easy at al to change the fonts of the themes or the width of the columns. Nor is every colour adjustable.
    In short you don’t have a lot of options how your page looks like unless you want to spend either a lot of money or you are a pro.
    I played as well a bit with weebly, I know it is like comparing apples and oranges. The problem here is that you cannot have a preview of the pages otherwise it seems to have slightly more options when it comes to design. I haven’t tried out blogger yet, I don’t like the close connection with google. Any thoughts?

    The blog I need help with is bluemountainsrelocalization.wordpress.com.



    WordPress.com is NOT the most flexible blogging platform; quite the contrary. It is the most secure blogging platform.

    If you want flexible, you want WordPress.ORG with paid hosting.


    If you just start blogging, then what you want is something free, at least me. Later it might be something paid, and that is the interesting thin in wordpress that there are both abilities, but even for a beginners blog you want some design abilities. I think changing the typesettings, and the colours are the most important ones.



    Yes, if you want something free, and you just want to blog, WordPress.com is the best blogging platform, bar none.

    What you want is not to blog. You want to do web design. Our blogs here share the “guts” with all the blogs here using a given theme. That means if you could change the text color universally in your theme, you’d change it for everyone. That’s why the Custom Design upgrade costs thirty bucks: to take you out of that system to a certain extent.



    There is of course this:


    but I warn you: we had one guy who hand-coded every paragraph to white text. When he switched to a theme with white background, his only option was to hand-strip the code from every paragraph in his blog, so his text would be visible.

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