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Which browser is the best?

  1. phoenixtearsheal

    I guess they all have their pro's and con's
    but which browser is the best and most reliable?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. you can never really answer this question for everybody.
    Computer hardware, Operating System and connection speed is going to effect personal preference.

    for example: I put Chrome on a older family relatives laptop because so she can stream youtube videos with a Wifi connection. She does not need computer, and nos ver little about them.

    Chrome is a "No Frills" easy to use browser that streams video well. It works better on the Windows Operating than Safari, which is a great "no frills" fast rendering browser on a Mac.

    I rarely use Chrome, I am a Firefox mark, because I love a lot of the features... Its a great blog if your a geek like me, but soon or later you may have to troubleshoot its customizations.

    Opera is unfortunately not as simple to use as Chrome or I.E. nor as customizable as Firefox, but if your patient with it: Opera has community, filesharing features an E-mail client and some accessibility features. Its biggest drawback is doesn't render as many web pages as other major browsers.

    I love Maxthon 3 on Windows as an alternative browser, because it renders like safari and chrome, (also I.E.) It is also a "no frills" fast surfing browsing
    No reason for it to be on Mac, because Mac already has Safari.

  3. * for the life of me I cannot proof read what I am posting in these forums...
    should say:

    "She does not really need a computer and she knows little about them"...
    "I am a firefox mark.[...]..Its a great browser if you are a geek like I am...."


  4. phoenixtearsheal

    Thanks dlager, I agree that people will have different needs and tastes etc.,
    but your answer has been of help to me, thanks for taking the time to respond :)

  5. Firefox - hands down!

  6. As mentioned there isn't a simple answer. Chrome is my browser of choice at the moment but before that it was Internet Explorer 9. I would definitely recommend trying Chrome if you feel you need a change.

  7. Chrome is definitely my choice. It's a lot faster as well.

  8. Not Safari.

  9. Chrome is fast but it's not as reliable as Firefox is. I like my Firefox add-ons and extensions. Chrome doesn't have a built-in feedreader > RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) for Chrome

  10. Chrome could do its users a favor by organizing its "store" better. Lots of the "extensions" are either just bookmarks to promote a site; or apps for handhelds.

  11. I moved to Chrome from Firefox. It was getting wicked glitchy. But it's a matter of preference. I needed a change and got it in Chrome. I may switch back to Firefox if I get bored with this. But Chrome is really easy to use and pretty fast. Firefox has many more customization options.

  12. Priorities matter. But internet explorer is a mess. Firefox is the best.

  13. Older versions of IE are terrible, but IE8 is passable and IE9 holds it's own technically against the other popular browsers.

  14. Chrome and Waterfox(firefox for x86 OS) is the only thing I use. Ive tested IE, Firefox, and Safari, and Chrome is by far the fastest.

    And any of yall who have an x86 system, try out Waterfox.

  15. I think you mean x64 :-)

  16. Firefox.

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