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which character is the coolest character

  1. Kevin Spencer... or Allen The Magic Goose.

  2. Me

  3. Zoltar, from Galaxy Force! Or Jason. He was a hottie.

  4. Zoltar, from Galaxy Force! Or Jason. He was a hottie.

  5. "Kevin Spencer, something's wrong with that kid. Kevin Spencer, his head don't work, it never did. Kevin Spencer, you better not cross his path. Kevin Spencer, he's a chain smoking, alcoholic sociopath... sociopath!"

  6. The dude in Grand Theft Auto IV. That's right- just got my hands on a copy despite the fact that it doesn't come out "officially" until 4/29.

    IGN is calling it the "best game in the last 10 years." They gave it the first perfect 10 out of 10 score since 1999.

  7. I like Sonic (OF COURSE) and Shadow.

  8. Spock.

  9. Chekov

  10. Boba Fett

  11. Hedda Gabler.

  12. Antonius Block

  13. Godot.

  14. Very metaphysical... a character who is only referred to in passing by people who barely know him becoming the coolest character in the play... that's pretty frigging deep.

    Phil The Alien.

  15. Steve Jobs.

  16. Chuko Liang ...
    Good gaaawwdd, The Jon is a dork.

  17. No Face.

  18. << Rai from Valiant comics.

  19. Mister Peabody. Or has someone already picked him?

  20. -"Rufus" (George Carlin) from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

    - Flewellen - the Welsh captain of Henry V.

    - Geoffrey Rush as the inspector in Les Mis.

  21. Inspector Gadget

  22. Invader ZIM

  23. Robert DeNiro as Lucifer in Angel Heart.

  24. ...peeling the egg. Awesome.

    Colonel Walter E. Kurtz

  25. Mr. Ed :)

  26. The Huntress

  27. Jason Todd (the 2nd Robin)

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