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Which Countries are Visitors to your Blog from?

  1. I am mad on statistics and I have been saving various stats on my blog to my PC. Last night I took a screen shot of the days Countries represented in Visits and pasted it into an Adobe Photoshop new document to create an image. I think you may be able to use "Screen Saver" or maybe "Irfan View" to create a JPG from a screen dump (using PrtScrn on your keyboard but make sure the Function key or F lock key is on too).

    I was going to post my stats here, but instead I decided to blog about them, so I did. The USA has always been the most represented country in visits to my blog and I found since mid March to now, 151 countries have been represented.

    What has it been like for others?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I get a lot from United Kingdom (Where I'm from), United States, Portugal, Croatia, Poland, Ireland, France, Bulgaria, Italy & Turkey (All Yesterday).

    I love looking at the stats too, to see who has been looking at my blogs :)

  3. UK (my country) USA, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Spain, France, Dubai, Finland, Romania, Australia, Vietnam, Korea, China. Loads more bit can't think at mo. ;)

  4. Thank you for contributing. I find it quite interesting if the "mode" for you two whom are Bloggers in the U.K. is your own country, the United Kingdom. I am Down Under, in Australia, and visits from Down Under are represented third for my country stats to date. The U.S.A. is always at the top of my Country stats list, so I thought there must be more there, sitting at their computers, surfing the internet, than there are people in other countries in my list - when it comes to looking at content relevant to my Blog's topic (which is Animals).

    Here is the direct link to the post I referred to in my initial post, for anyone whom is interested.

    Visits to this Site by Countries

  5. Mainly the Us, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

  6. I get most visitors from the US followed by UK.

  7. The US is definitely the most popular. Followed by UK and France.

    I would love for someone in Greenland to visit my blog ;)

  8. I'm actually pretty strong in Vatican City. My blog is mostly about The Pope so it makes sense.

  9. Generally my past blogs got most visits from the USA, Canada, India and Indonesia. The first is not surprising as the internet is dominated by the people who created it! (That's meant kindly, oh American readers!) My current blog is following the same trend but so far has only had a couple of visits from Indonesia. Give it time though, it's only a couple of days old!

  10. Interesting data from all, thanks! That looks like a great service you are using, timethief. I see India is the 2nd country for visitors in your July monthly stats. Overall for me, India is the fifth highest country. Your number of monthly hits is about what my main Blog received over its first 4 months! I have visited your site and it is fantastic.

    Yes, I agree that pro rata there are more in the U.S.A. surfing the internet. No surprise that my overall stats show 1 visit during the 4 months from China! Good luck with your blog, absurdoldbird, and everyone.

  11. Everywhere except China. I'm disappointed China is not allowed to read me, it seems.

  12. @starwise149 runs advertising on the blogs they host unless the blogger buys a No-Ads upgrade. All blogs hosted by are quantified.!countries

  13. most of the visitors are from my own country(Pakistan), USA is on 2nd number:), people from all over world are included in visitors except China:) don't know what is the reason that china has blocked wordpress...

  14. @timethief Actually, I've received two views from China. Not sure how it happened, but it did.

    Anyway, most of my visitors come from the US, then it's my own country (Canada), United Kingdom, Australia and the Philippines. Which makes sense because they have the most English-speaking internet users.

  15. Most of mine are from the US, but my next most numerous are from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Not surprising since I'm an English language blog with a heavy emphasis on Asian horror movie reviews.

    Ah..... and even though China might block WordPress access, apparently they don't block access from Hong Kong as I get plenty from there. Probably one of those quirks connected with the "dual government" setup there.

    Mmmmm? And where the heck is "AP"? It doesn't have a flag... and the stats page doesn't show me a location.

  16. @carries I believe one can access WP if proxy is unblock. That's why there are some visitors from china on your blog.
    As a proof: (one of the best religious sites of the world) has recently been banned in Pakistan but I can access it via

  17. US, Canada, and UK ... though I think (according to at least) I used to have way more Canadian readers.

  18. I just started blogging about my modeling journey in Chicago. So far I only have 3 posts. (when I say just started I really do mean just started!) haha! But everyone is from the US so far :)

  19. @TT - I figures the China block... sad really.

    @rooktopia - yes does seem to have a thing about Canada. Alexa reckons a HUGE number of my visitors come from Canada when in fact Sitemeter and WP disagree totally!

    I've never figured it out!

  20. @teamoyeniyi Alexa lies to me to. I know for a fact most of my readership is from the United States, but it still says most of my views are from Canada. Liars!

  21. Having lived in China, I was able to blog using WordPress without an ip blocker/proxy when I first got there (August and Sept 2010). I ended up signing up with a blocking service, however, as I needed to use Facebook and Youtube.

    Don't worry, China is still reading you - they just show up as other countries when they use services such as Astrill, etc.

  22. I've looked at Alexa but then again I don't focus often on cumulative stats. per country.

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