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Which domain should I use

  1. Greets:

    Staff dropped some credits here into my account so I could walk through the domain purchasing and mapping feature. I want to do the webcomic. Anyone care to vote on a domain? or

    I like the second one and it would probably have a plus value for SEO but it is a bit long.


  2. I'll like the second one better too -
    Perhaps you could make it a bit shorter by getting rid of 2 letters like this -

  3. Nah, I like the 'ed' bit. Plus I would have to redo all of the headers and banners and whatnot.


  5. Hey, that better still. But he would have to redo all of the headers and banners and whatnot.

  6. And I really like my header....

    I detest doing graphic work. It never comes out the way I like it.

  7. Maybe make a tradeoff with someone here who is good at graphics? Don't look at me, but I'm sure there's somebody who needs webspace or something who would be happy to tweak your header.

  8. I actually need to redo it because I have a grammer mistake in there.

  9. @drmike
    I think you mean grammar {she said, very timidly}. So how do you feel about

  10. Nah, I went with actually. Still waiting for it to go through. I think there's already a Mission KP site anyway. Rings a bell.

    And I'm working on making a pretty theme for it. :)

    So how about the main blog here? drmike.* is pretty much taken. and is as well. (Squatters) I could go down to a *.net or *.org I guess.

    Any other suggestions?

  11. Oh come one now. You only ask for suggestions after your mind is 99.9% made up. :P You don't really want suggestions as much as you want "yes-men", right? {just kidding, sort of} So how about ?

  12. Actually I can't decide on this one.

    *chuckle* I wonder if I can get staff to change Member to "Dr Mike's Yes Men" :)

  13. "Yes-men" wouldn't do because you're obviously a chick magnet. Look around - men are in the minority when it comes to your troops, right? I'm no "dude" nor am I a "mate". I'm a chick.
    ... lol ... I like What do you think? Then maybe can get the staff to change "Members" to "Rockers".
    Okay so you're thinking I can't choose that because it makes me sound like an ego-maniac and I'm thinking - go for it! because you do rock.

  14. Yeah, you're right. Let me go grab another.

    edit: Fixed. By the way, avatars load right away with a CTRL-F5 reload.

  15. So now it looks like you're yelling. Don't you have one of Ron where he's smiling? Okay so the truth is that when I think of you I think "wizard".

  16. Changed again.




    I kind of like that actually....

  19. wait ...



    "Life" and "random" are IMO lame and yet many people use them as categories.

    /lol joshua

  22. how about :P

  23. @drmike
    Did you make a choice yet?

  24. No, I haven't yet actually. I'm leaning towards or the steak one.


  26. I thought of cynix.* but most of those have been taken already. :(

  27. heh heh

    And it's available


  28. Yeah, you weren't using your free time for sleeping or anything.

  29. icanseeyou.* is taken.

    I don't think anyone would get the other one.

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