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Which domain should I use

  1. Hey is available. :)

  2. How about

  3. I don't really write about wordpress that much actually.

  4. I'm going to stick up a poll on my current blog in a few minutes with the two that I like the most. Feel free to vote.

  5. Hmm, isn't it strange that Matt and Ryan are discussing steak at the same time?

  6. Frankly I think will get you lots of "foodie" hits from readers who will go away hungry but if that's what you want ...

  7. Well I wound up going with It got a vote less then the other but I thought that was a bit too much.

    I'll do the redirect from my main blog over tomorrow.

    Oh, by the way. You guys know I'm going to be taking a run on that list on the front page, right? ;)

  8. Once you've got it set up, let us know. Your other one already made it to Fastest Growing.

  9. /me does the happy dance that someone liked my suggestion! :)

  10. @drmike
    The blog that you have on your domain now is a mirror of the one at tjbe. It's my understanding that this duplication is a "no - no" when it comes to Technorati rankings and that they will only rank one.

  11. TT: If you try and hit TJBE it redirects to :)

  12. Um, no. Technorati doesn't have their shit together enough to see dupes. I've been pinging them for both and daily since October 22 with no problems.

  13. @cornell
    Thanks for letting me know that.
    You're not putting duplicate posts on both blogs are you?

  14. No, it's all one blog; Technorati won't recognize the shift from one to the other, though, so I have to ping on both URLs. To stupid people, this would appear that I have two identical blogs. I only have the one.

  15. TT: If you try and hit TJBE it redirects to

    I've been doing dupe content for quite sometime. Dupes are allowed as far as I know as long as it's not being done for SEO purposes. While there were links within the sidebar to each site, that was it. The posts were clean.

    I was wondering when she or someone was going to point out the adverts in the sidebar. (Mark's cleared them. I have the email in my inbox.)

    Actually they ran neck and neck in traffic for the most part and the site here with near to no inbound links still had a PR5 and listed higher than my offsite PR6 blog. Had been trying to figure out what to do on the subject and trying to figure out how to do the redirect with just the main site and leave the subdomains where they were. Still have some work to do on the subject though. Move the pages over, do something with the images, etc.

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