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Which editor do you use?

  1. What editor do you use - the visual rich editor (WYSIWYG) editor or the regular editor?

    I used in the Rich text editor, but recently switched to the reular one

  2. I use the rich editor, and switch to the html code when I have to put in accents on the letters.

  3. yep, same here.

    the html editor works well enough, when you master its limitations.
    and the plain editor texturizes your posts just as badly, you just don't get to see the f*@# ups before you post.

  4. regular editor. i can't master wysiwyg. that and i always type my posts in word before pasting it in write post, so...

  5. Word adds all sorts of weird background stuff I find. I use BlogJet to write my posts (except my photos which I blog from Flckr as I dislike the way they look if I upload from wp) and the WP wsywyg to do minor tweaks.

  6. I loathe and despise the rich text editor. The downside to this is that I am so used to adding my own html tags to format stuff I now find myself doing it in Word.

  7. I shut off the text rich editor within a couple of days of arriving here. I lack the skills to use it eefectively and I'm here to blog not to code juat like the advertising says. But I also have a query to make: why was this thread commenced? Is there a support issue re: the text rich editor that I haven't picked up on? (I also note the thread lacks any tags.)

  8. I just wanted see what people used. I have a tag of "editing".

  9. if its for me im using 3rd party program

  10. W Bloggar.

  11. I use Performancing for firefox.

  12. The standard one. I actually have FAQs on how to strip out TinyMCE for some of our platforms. (ie phpNuke)

  13. for the record, on my own blog, where i occassionally have need to throw some fancy html, i post from flock (whose html editor is a tab, and just works™), and then add tags and categories.

    generally, i despise wp-texturize more than MCE itself.

  14. @sunburntkamel and drmike
    Sometimes I don't understand the words you use. This is one of those times.
    (1) what is phpNuke?
    (2) is wp-texturise Microsoft Word or something else?
    (3) and is MCE the text rich editor or something else?

  15. (1) phpNuke is the forums software he uses for that 'alternate' support forum
    (2) wp-texturize is part of wordpress (hence the wp) that 'fixes' your posts when you hit publish (stripping multiple <br />'s, empty paragraphs, turning <div>'s into autoclosing entities, so on an so forth.
    (3)tinyMCE is the open source project that built the rich text editor. it's bundled into wordpress, but it's available for many other blogging/wiki/forum packages. including phpNuke.

  16. Thanks for the explanations - now I understand what was said.

  17. I use the Rich Text editor and only go to the HTML one for specific changes.

  18. No WYSIWYG editor for me, I turned that off as I used to have problems posting images with it.

  19. I use the regular one because I think when I used the Rich Text one, it lumped everything into one paragraph.

  20. Nosysnoop, how did u write an excerpt (in blue) on top of all the pictures u post? I'm new to Regulus.

  21. Actually I use phpBB for the other support forum. :)

    phpNuke is more of a portal site that combines a number of different programs into one.

  22. I used to use w.bloggar and performancing for firefox.

    Now I use flock as a blogging browser. Flock's photo toolbar for images from my flickr, flock's web snippets for all the links and images I want to include in my future post and I blog from the main WP editor.

    Did you know that you can switch the editor to advanced mode by using alt + b?

    alt + g allows you to create a new page in the post.

    It just works.

  23. Apologies for interrupting, but can someone tell me how to disable the MCE editor? I'd much rather enter my entries in plain text, for the same reasons as have been mentioned here.

  24. @schroeder
    Sure I'll be gald to answer that for you. Here you go -> dashboard -> users -> your profile -> personal options (uncheck the box for the visual rich editor when writing and then don't forget to click "update profile")
    Happy blogging!

  25. Oh Podz,
    Would you please consider including these instructions for turning off the MCE editor in the FAQs blog? I'm answering it every couple of days now. Tx:)

  26. It was in there once I could have sworn...

  27. I now use Windows Live Writer which works fantastically well. You can even get plugins for adding your Flickr photos and Technorati tags among other things to your posts.

  28. I tried the windows live writer but I still prefer BlogDesk.

  29. Said it before, but I really wish they would add Markdown or Textile support.

  30. @swein
    I don't have a clue what you are talking about. A link and/or an explanation would be helpful. Is this plug-in what you mean? PHP Markdown works with WordPress, version 1.2 or later. PHP Markdown is already bundled with WordPress. Still, you can find here the latest version that may be newer than the latest WordPress version.

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