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Which editor do you use?

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    Re: unclesuuu
    I never knew about Alt+b combination to bring up the advanced toolbar. They should've made this feature more visible!

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. @timethief -

    I was referring to

  3. !!!!

    That alt-B option for the Rich Text Editor is great, I wish I'd known about it sooner. I'm going to have to try out the "Paste from Word" feature to see if it does a good job or not. I like out it gives access to the heading features.

    I switch back and forth between the two. The Rich Text Editor eventually annoys me when it keeps strip out unnecessary whitespace that I *WANT* to put in (like say I'm trying to add three blank lines between paragraphs). But I hit a bug with the Basic Editor where if you edit a really long post it doesn't always load the entire post... so if you go to edit something in the beginning you can end up losing a lot of the post.

  4. I was so impressed with the Alt-B option that I wrote a post about it:

    The "paste from Word" option does a good job of converting Word formatting to HTML! I was shocked.

  5. I use the WordPress Rich Text Editor, because I'm so retarded it took me three years to learen how to post a picture in a forum. It is pretty clean, although it must be admitted theres are some glitches.

    I have done a blog in Word offline and posted it, and I've done a blog live in WordPress, and I have to say the differences are substantial. Use what works for what you want from the blog. A "live" blog is going to be more referance-based; one written offline is going to be more independent and original, just because of the form.

  6. @unclesuuu
    alt+b Great tip. I was wondering why there wasn't more options.

  7. Wow!!!! I never knew about this. I switch between the two when editing sometimes, so this is going to be really helpful. I may have to change my rating of WordPress from 9 to 9.5. ;)

  8. One quick question while we are on this topic ... is it only me that cannot cut and paste while using this editor? I have to go into html editor to do that.

  9. @unclesuuu:
    Thanks for the tip. I've been trying to figure out how to add pi to one of my posts. Adding custom characters is right there in the advanced toolbar.

    I believe this is the nature of the editor. I used a similar editor with another platform and it behaved the same way. Someone with more technical expertise will have to address why. My extremely wild guess would be a formatting issue.

  10. Sometimes, because of some weird WordPress glitch, you need to do pastes twice. So don't past and then give up when you don't see it; paste it again, immediately. That works for me.

  11. Ignore my previous answer. You can copy and paste without going to HTML editor. Use the advanced tool bar. It has a text paste option. Also, see this thread:

  12. [bluemoon:One quick question while we are on this topic ... is it only me that cannot cut and paste while using this editor? I have to go into html editor to do that.]

    Hit Ctrl+v to copy/paste too.

  13. Window shortcut key is
    Ctrl + C is copy
    Ctlr + V is paste

  14. PLus info
    That would only work if you are using IE
    And 70% of ppl now switched to firefox
    and if u Alt-B on firefox it will only go for the Bookmark menu
    (which made me clueless for the first 3 minutes)
    then later the 6th sense tell me that u guys must still be using the IE

    and voila...

  15. Control V works! Thank you.

    @ampin: I have Firefox too. The first time I hit alt+B it did go to bookmarks, but somehow miraculously works now.

  16. YW bluemoon
    :) Yes I use Ctrl+v to paste in Fx too.
    Alt+b brings up the advanced toolbar in the
    visual rich editor as well.
    Shrug. lol

  17. so u mean u guys can bring the advanced toolbar using fox?

  18. Yes ampin I sure can. But... it does disappear sometimes, in the middle of drafting a post.
    So I just have to alt+b again to make it show.
    Who knows what the deal is. Computers can be full of surprizes.

  19. ampin: click inside the Rich Text Editor before you hit Alt-B in Firefox.

    I use Firefox exclusively, and I've had no prob with Alt-B.

  20. Just did some testing, the issue is definitely that the Rich Text Editor hasn't taken control of the keyboard input yet because you haven't clicked/typed anything in it yet.

  21. just did a test
    yep u do have to type something first
    and then press the alt b
    now it works perfectly
    10q guys

  22. OK Rich txt editing is on, and I have tried both ie, and firefox, and the most I get is bolded type, no extra selections for formating or spell check. Are you folks running beta's of wordpress? I am using 2.0.4

    Are you people using a special toolbar or anything like that, maybe I dont have something installed that others do. Just a thought.

  23. michaelbb: we're using WordPress Multi-user at, not WordPress self-hosted.


    one difference I've noticed between Rich Text Editor and regular editor. Rich Text Editor will strip out the BGCOLOR tags on tables, but regular will leave them in.

  24. engtech

    Thanks, I didnt even think of this when I was prusing through the forums, and made this post.
    Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it.


  25. Hi,
    After i installed firefox 2, i can't use keystroke Alt+... on rich text editor, why?
    If i press Alt+V, it go to View on firefox 2 menu
    If i press Alt+B, it go to Bookmarks on firefox 2 menu, etc.

  26. Alt+Shift+V should do the trick in ff2

  27. Note that Ctrl V doesn't always work in IE. For no reason I can determine, sometimes it simply refuses to paste it in, acting as if nothing's happened. You then need to right-click and paste, which causes the whole post to judder horribly and then bounce you back to the beginning. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.

  28. @sathya
    Ok thanks, it's worked very well

  29. Rain, I always click within teh editor box before doing a CTRL-V. That way, it's highlighted.

    Hope this helps,

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