Which first? Site Redirect or Guided Transfer?

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    I understand the difference between a site redirect and a guided transfer and that I have to pay for each separately, but what I don’t understand and have been unable to find the answer to is what to do first. I am certain that I need to do both.

    I would like to transfer my free site, site.wordpress.com, to a wordpress.org/partner self-hosted site. I can do that with the guided transfer.

    I would also like to redirect, for at least the first year, traffic that would otherwise go to site.wordpress.com to the new .org self-hosted site.

    A few things I need to know:

    Do I have to have the new site before I purchase a redirect?

    Am I correct in thinking that I need to have the new site before I even do the transfer, or does buying the transfer allow you to create a new domain at the same time? I realize that transferring content is what is paid for by the guided transfer and that hosting a domain is a separate cost.

    I don’t want to do one thing first and come to realize that I should have done the other first, and that there is no fixing the mistake.

    The link below was the closest I could come to finding an answer, but the best it does is explain the difference between site redirect and guided transfer. What I need to know is if there is an optimal order in which to do both.


    To the best of my knowledge this is what I should do:

    1. Go to wordpress.org (free) and one of their hosting partners ($4-$12) for a domain.

    2. Purchase guided transfer ($129) so that content from .com site goes to .org site. I assume that the .com domain will still exist as mine (although I am not sure if the content will still be there, is it literally moved to .org or just copied?) so I can then go to my .com dashboard and purchase the redirect.

    3. Purchase site redirect ($13) so that free .com site goes to .org self-hosted site. The problem with doing this before the guided transfer is that it seems that for a period of time, or perhaps permanently, the content on the .com site will be nowhere (deleted? stored but not visible?), because there will be an empty .org site and a .com site that directs to the empty .org site.

    Is that correct?

    Sorry for being so long winded. This is a fairly big step for me and I want to be clear and have others be clear with me.

    Thank you



    Hi there,

    The Site Redirect is definitely the last step. As for the others, you can go ahead and purchase the Guided Transfer first as we will provide you information on selecting the new host in the welcome email.

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