Which is best book to look at

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    Well forgive me for being thick then starquid! I am trying to learn this site, and its not the easiest of sites to learn but I do like it. THATS why I wondered what the comment was for , as there was no indication in the comment left what it was for.,

    SO have you heard it all now? :)

    Yes, I may have said thick, but trust me I am not, and at least the other members who have been keen to help me have not been as offensive as you!

    I am aware what Spam is – oh so its not the stuff in the supermarket, tut tut, silly me, and theres me thinking it was …NOT!

    Some people may actually leave comments because they like what they see you know?

    Thanks for your such constructive reply!



    My current ratio is about 700 views per comment, so don’t expect a ton of feedback.



    The only “comment” I see on the front page is your blog is trackback spam.


    HI guys I wont lol just wonder what the comments left mean, when they dont appear to have anything to do with what i am writing.

    timethief, what is trackback…?



    I typed “trackbacks wordpress” into Bing search engine and here are the results > http://tinyurl.com/yep84g9



    I typed “trackbacks wordpress” into Yahoo search engine and here are the results > http://tinyurl.com/y945vgb



    I typed “trackbacks wordpress” into Google search engine and here are the results > http://tinyurl.com/ycfpvoy


    Sounds like they are good then :)



    I typed “trackbacks” into the wordpress.com support documentation searchbox and here are the results > http://en.support.wordpress.com/trackbacks/

    Search engines are our friends. :)



    Every “good” thing can be used also be used by “bad” people. See > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/off-target-referrers?replies=13#post-437037


    Thankyou :D also when you are writing something, I know how to do the bold etc, as it is already there, but how do you underline a word, I have looked everywhere I can think off……:(



    This is the link to the support documentation on the editor. I do not see an icon for an underline function there or any text devoted to it in the entry http://en.support.wordpress.com/visual-editor/



    ooh you’re so saucy sharonharvey2! I think you’re gonna get lots o comments. saucy sharon♪


    Thankyou, while you are here timethief where you have your photo (Like above mine is here) how do I put my name right at the side (where it says Feb 25th please?)

    I cant manage it :(



    Very funny – why am I saucy, I am merely asking questions.



    Click the support link on this page ^ look up to find it. Then type “gravatar widget” into the searchbox and follow the instructions you find.


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    ooh ooh starsquid!
    If you want to answer questions to be helpful here on the forums, then it’s best not to play the cat with a mouse.





    I already recommended Lisa Sabin-Wilson’s book “WordPress for Dummies, 2nd Ed.”; it’s the only book I know that has a chapter dealing with WordPress.com.

    Having said that, I really feel sorry for Lisa SW because WordPress.com is continually being updated (beta testing if you will) with the features being integrated with the latest release of WordPress.ORG. Even at the date of publication her book was somewhat out of date. The big advantage her book does have is that it lays out the information in a logical manner and you can fill in the gaps with the Support Docs here on WordPress.com. The search engine there is really good and the Support Docs are continually being updated as well. http://en.support.wordpress.com/



    ok ok, I apologize. Miss sharonharvey2, do you have any other question, Ill try my best to answer then (I’ll do it nice) :)

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