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Which is better.. Coke or Pepsi?

  1. I prefer Pepsi because Coke has a bitter sweet taste and I can barely stand it! haha. How about you?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Don't we already have a thread for this? Anyways, I prefer Coke because Pepsi has a bad after taste when you some foods.

  3. Shit I meant to "eat" after "you". But still we do have a thread for this.

  4. Crap I meant to say "say" before "eat".

  5. toaster is having some major grammar issues today!! lol...

  6. Think of this - ever heard of a "rum and Pepsi?" That pretty much seals the deal for me.

  7. I drink either. Usually diet coke. I miss the Holidy Spice Pepsi!!! SO goooood.

  8. Pepsi is better, it has a nicer taste. However dieat coke and lime = <3
    but pepsi still owns ;]

  9. As long as they have run in them both are good

  10. *rum

  11. glittergirl0450

    Definately Pepsi!!! Coke tastes strange :P

  12. PEPSI...and, yes, with rum.

  13. i perfere pepsi,cok has a stronger taste

  14. yea this thread has already basically been started

  15. Am I the only one who likes Coke? The last time I drank Pepsi I was eating popcorn as well and you see when I was drinking the Pepsi I had this bad after-taste.

    And for all of you who like Pepsi, SCREW YOU!

  16. pepsi all the way, man... not that i like soda at all, but coke just taste so fake! and i know that they're both fake, but pepsi has at least a hint of something real in there. but i hate both. i like cream soda! woot woot.

  17. hahahaha yea cream soda powns all. My aunt is making homemade root beer and cream soda. It's gonna be amazing!

  18. Pepsi, since I took the Pepsi challenge when I was younger and actually chose Pepsi anyways.

  19. toaster, I'm drinking Coke right now and actually quite enjoying it. I prefer Coke but it's always like 50 cents more expensive than pepsi so I normally buy what's cheaper.

  20. Coke is a superior product, plain and simple.

    More importantly, Coke Zero is the best diet cola available. Diet Pepsi doesn't cut it any more!

  21. Iced Tea

  22. hot tea is my fave beverage ever!! super strong, no sugar, little bit of lemon, and tiny bit of honey- heaven in a cup.

  23. Being Diabetic 2, I'm thrilled at trying the new Mtn Dew Ultra Violet tonight. Out of the bottle, pepsi. Fountain, coke.

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