Which is better WordPress or blogger?

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    Can you tell me which is better? And what are the differences between the two?



    WordPress… Duh!

    wordpress is neat and stuff…. OK wait for a few other people to reply to get a better answer..

    -Don’t want to sound likea heretic or anything but as blogger has been here for a lot longer, it has more users. That is a statistical difference.
    -The service here is a lot better.
    -Neat themes



    I was on blogger and it pales in comparison to WordPress. Blogger has no built in stats, no way to track comments which you’ve left on another blog, no blog built-in blog surfer, and a dead tagging system. Those are just a few things off the top of my head. Oh, and the word verification thing is a pain in the ass. Plus, blogger’s themes are dull! :lol:



    According to a write-up in MacWorld in Feb 08, there are horses for courses and you might prefer one or another according to what you are actually going to do with it. I decided on WP after reading this article and thinking on those lines, and haven’t been disappointed – but have no experience of the others.



    WordPress is better. Somebody once suggested Blogger was rather ‘hard balls’ and some behind the blog host were rather despotic.

    Anyone can confirm?



    How can anyone answer which program is “better” – that’s so subjective. Overall I like the feel of WordPress better than blogger, because it has different features…I mainly like being able to have multiple pages on my blog so that it can function as a mini website. I do not like being unable to embed my flash slide shows however. In a lot of ways, blogger is easier to use – not so picky. Right now I’m kind of PO’ed, as a blog that I wrote yesterday and saved as a draft is now GONE.

    But what can you do.



    i registered with Blogger about a year ago but was instantly put off… it seemed pretty joyless to use. I registered with WordPress last November and found I got a lot more out of it. But the new version has taken the shine off it… Posts are now harder to complete – for most of my posts, the formatting, file-adding etc, now takes longer than writing the post itself.

    But eventhough WP is now far too fiddly and over-compliacted and a bit unintuitive to use, i would still recommend it over Blogger.

    However, I know people who totally swear by MovableType, but that seems a bit more pro.



    i think wordpress is better than blogger. because wordpress has better & nice interface. blogger has plain interface.



    both has their pros and cons.

    depends on personal use of blog,the nature of it



    WordPress self-hosted is best.

    WordPress.com, Blogger, and Tumblr all have issues. Blogger and Tumblr give you much more control over what you can do, what widgets you can use. WordPress.com is very limited but can be a good starting point if you’re new to blogging.



    wordpress works for me. I’m not a fan of the blogger setup.

    I also like that blaxter used the phrase “horses for courses” in his reply. It always fills me with joy to see horse racing references used conversationally. :)


    I use both for two separate blogs. Both have features I like and dislike. Blogger’s widgets are easier to udr, especially those that are imported from elsewhere. WordPress looks better and I like the paged. I’ve used moveable type too, and I hate having to rebuild my pages.

    Both services have something to offer. I’m not going to bite the hand that feeds me.


    Oops. I wish comments in WordPress had spell check. This is one area in which blogger is superior. You can also delete your comment and start over. I meant to say “easier to use,” and pages in my previous comment.



    Yeah I think someone needs to suggest to wordpress via support that the forum needs a few upgrades (spell checker, ability to modify posts within 5 minutes of posting etc)


    I have been using blogger for about 2 years. I like the layout function where I can drag and drop widgets. I have been using wordpress for about two days. So, I am still dazed and confused. Is there a WordPress for dummies online edition? I sure could use it. :)




    Probably the wrong time to post…because I’m super frustrated with WordPress. I’m new at WordPress…and disappointed with its user-unfriendliness. Just went to Blogger to replicate what I did on WordPress and found it very simple. From what I understand, the features on WordPress are substantially better…but who cares about advanced features if you can’t get the basics solved. So far WordPress is about a “D.”



    WordPress is a lot better compared to Blogger.
    The main reason I used Blogger was because it came with the email and was easy to set up. But I hated the fact that you could only get 100 readers. For me though, while using WordPress I don’t think there is a special amount to how many I can have.



    Edit: There are a good bit of features on Blogger that I enjoy, such as the easy way of editing how your blog looks. But that limitation is a feature that I just do not like. Other than that, I feel WordPress and Blogger are the same.
    Before you ask me aside from that feature everything else is good, so why don’t you just use blogger? well…Wordpress.com definitely has a better support system. Here, the support is personal(at least that’s how it seems)


    One of Bloggers features I enjoy (a lot) is that you can monetize your blog for free if you wish. From what I’ve seen here that is not available in the free version. But, just to balance things I really like the stats that come along with wordpress. In order to get that with Blogger you have to get statcounter or analyitics. I’m still looking for the wordpress.com for dummies online guide btw :)



    wordpress is more creative but blogger works more with search engines and traffic.

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