which is my wordpress veresion?

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    How do I know which is my wordpress version? It’s an old one and I can’t find it anywhere.

    The blog I need help with is claudioveneri.wordpress.com.



    What do you mean by “wordpress version”?


    I would like to upgrade the version of wordpress but first I need to know the one I’m using. I can’t find it anywhere.


    If you’re on the free hosted wordpress.com platform, the version doesn’t really mean anything to you.


    If you’re not on the free hosted wordpress.com platform, you’re on the wrong board.

    You should be over here:



    So, what should I do for upgrading the one I have now?


    I’m on the free hosted wordpress.com platform



    I think that you understood “upgrading” wrong. There are lots of upgrade choices (http://store.wordpress.com/) and you can buy some of them seperately, and some of them together.

    There is a Pro Bundle for 99 dolars, and it has some of the upgrades can be bought seperately and some others too.

    So, at this point I think you should decide what you want to change about your blog. Your own domain? Premium Fonts? Extra Storage?

    WordPress Store


    I have been a member since november 2008 just like you “unlusoycan”. The problem I find is that with the wordpress I use there are odd limits, for example there isn’t the voice plugin in the column of the menu, I am not allowed to import video, so I was thinking to pass to the last version 3.5, hoping to have more freedom in importing. Am I right? or I am completely wrong?


    You’re more wrong that right. The version on the free-hosted wordpress.com platform has no bearing on anything you as a user can do. You can’t change the version.

    You can add video if you have the Videopress upgrade:


    You can do Audio:


    If you’ve been around for over 4 years, you should have been through the Support pages a little more thoroughly by now.



    Are you referring the wordpress.org 3.5 “Elvin”?

    If you want to transfer to wordpress.org, you need the Guided Transfer Upgrade.


    Both of you are definitely right. very kind of you. got the message. thank you.


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    I’d suggest you read about the differences between wp.com and wp.org before making a decision:

    And take a look at the support forum at wp.org as well to get an idea about some of the problems / solutions are handled.

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