Which is the best responsive width theme for me?

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    Hello again WP world.
    Would someone please advise me on the best responsive width theme to use for using full control of CSS. I.E. blank canvas type.
    I have been using the toolbox theme and having problems with previewing my pages – and just been made aware that the theme has been retired.
    I have been developing my pages as drafts before publishing and getting close to doing just that; alas, I now fear much of the CSS and html that I have used will not work on a new theme. So any advise would be very welcome.
    The blog I need help with is http://humorousscript.wordpress.com

    Regards Bonny Reg

    The blog I need help with is humorousscript.wordpress.com.


    Hi Bonny,

    I guess Twenty Twelve might be a good call, since it’s a fairly basic and flexible theme. There’s also Sandbox, which is not responsive, but a flexible width theme.

    Just so you know, instead of adding your styles to the theme’s existing CSS, you can override it completely and start from scratch. When editing CSS, click on the “Start Fresh” checkbox. That will give you a blank theme to design with.

    Hope this helps :)



    All right…. that’s very interesting!

    Thank you for your reply Fabien.

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