Which is the better option?

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    Hi everyone,

    My theme currently supports two menus. I’m going to use CSS to make my page look like this:

    I realize that I have two options:

    1 – I can hide the top menu and use css to make the bottom menu look how I want.

    2 – I can move the black menu down so it’s under the header and hide the other menu. In this case I would avoid all the tedious tweaking of number one but would have to figure out the code for repositioning.

    So my question is, which is the better css choice to make? If they both produce the same effect, does it matter which one I choose?

    Looking forward to hearing your answers, thanks!

    The blog I need help with is rorysnewblog.wordpress.com.



    I’d use CSS to make the menu under the header the “real” nav, and just display: none; the other. My first thought is that it’s going to be much easier.


    Thanks again z!

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