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which is this theme?

  1. Can anybody tell me which theme this blog is using?
    At the bottom it only shows www vanillamist com but I didn't find such theme in my collection. And it seems like this blog is blog. So I am just curious to know about it...

  2. I think it might be Pressrow, with the customizable header image. But why not drop them a comment and ask?

  3. it's connections.

    that's a huuuuuge mod, i'm impressed.

  4. thats a great template and a lovely blog actually :)

  5. wow, great job doing custom CSS on Connections

  6. Quickest way to tell:

    - Open up the page source in question and look for 'text/css'. You'll see a line that looks like:


    The ### is the name of the theme.

  7. Its a group blog and Its a custom template ..... developed by one of our members :)

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