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Which is your favorite theme?

  1. Which is ur favorite theme?
    Theme... Now I use K2 theme, although it isn't my favorite theme. I tried all themes, but all themes have some plus-minus. I always wait new themes.
    Can I request themes on

  2. The staff have requested that if we have a specific theme in mind that we would like to see re-coded and widgetized for that we send the link to the theme to them in a feedback. And the only reason to post that link here in the forum is to get a response from other bloggers which is a means of determining potential popularity. So if you have a specific theme you want to see introduced then please post the link here and send in a feedback.


    a related thread, though it's a bit outdated because many claimed regulus and others to be the best before the appearances of better themes we have now.

  4. Thanks Sulz, i don't know any same topic.

  5. VeryPlainText


    Phenomenal minimalist theme, and I'd love to see it on

  6. Woo I like minimalist theme too. Any other themes? where are we look for themes to request it.

  7. @urip
    Below is the theme viewer. The themes in it are not in the same code as the one we work on in
    Any theme you choose would have to be re-coded and made widget ready before it could be offered at
    If you find a theme you like then do two things. (1) Post the link to it here. (2) Send a feedback to staff with a link back to this thread.

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