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  1. i worked with both and for some weeks...but found much useful in both monetizing and themes and widgets...
    so tell me why you'll choose then also??and dont give your reason as FORUM......give some other....i am staying wit as for only one reason---and that is :traffic" we can get traffic to our blog more easily...but what about monetization which we can't do on\\ is the best solution but i can't afford it now

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  3. it's not about

  4. traffic, absolutely! I also didn't realize I couldn't do custom CSS here.

  5. If you want to monetize, you're in the wrong place, period. is not set up for that.

    neurotype, you CAN do custom CSS here, with the paid upgrade and a solid knowledge of CSS.

  6. wordpress is a boring blog my view in front of blogger

    so why u'll are not in blogger??wh u choose wordpress instead[m not saying anything against wordpress,i just wanna know the answer]

  7. means....i cant choose one....
    i want both money and traffic.....can u name some blogger blogs??[famous ones]

    both of them wanting is very difficult to choose/.....

  8. or should i choose both of them??? 1 blog of blogger and 1 of wordpress...but that'll become too difficult....

  9. i want both money and traffic

    In that case you are into business blogging and in business one is prepared to spend some money on web hosting so they can make more money from advertising and affiliate schemes. I would not choose Blogger. I would choose to hire a web host and download free software from wordpress.ORG.

  10. should i choose one blog[in one blogging platfrom] or 2[1 on blogger n one on]??

    i dont have much to spend can't create a blog

  11. I prefer wordpress, it's so much tidier.

  12. tider is another thing....w can easily get a good blogger theme....m just asking that is blogging on both platforms[1 each] is better or choosing 1??i can give time to both.....

  13. long term, you should choose one--wordpress is probably better to start with, especially since you need to build a readership. You could always move to, too.

    (@raincoaster: I know CSS, but I'm incredibly cheap.)

  14. i choose....

    i made a blog-->
    and i'll also make a blogger blog especially for blogging...where can i find paid writing blogger jobs??except problogger

  15. craigslist!

  16. Mediabistro. But you're not a good enough writer yet.

  17. i will not even get a job even i am a good writer now.They all want to see my blog,and my blog[] is a whole new blog.Don't worry,I'll become a good writer in some days.I am a tennager[13yrs] so grammar will improve day by day

  18. Believe me, you will not get a job as a writer until you learn to spell better.

  19. If you intend to blog in the English language and have a successful blog then you will need to improve all of your skills in grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. This post contains links to resources, places and spaces where you can learn what you need to know.
    ESL and Blogging >

    Unless and until you do that it really does not matter which blogging platform you choose.

  20. o.O Thanks friends....I choose only wordpress

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