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Which plugins in particular are being used by

  1. I'm setting up a WordPress install on my own hosting, and would like to know which particular plugins uses (besides Jetpack and Akismet), especially those related to widget functionality.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Then you should be over here:

    This board is only for technical and account support for free-hosted sites.

  3. All of the plugins included in Jetpack, which is for WordPress.ORG installs are installed on this platform. Jetpack was invented to appease WordPress.ORG bloggers who were desirous of having the same in-house features and functions that WordPress.COM blogs had, so "parity" became the agenda and Jetpack was created.

  4. @notawoodpecker: issue because it's the plugins used here that I'd like to use, if only the support docs would list them explicitly.

    @timethief: Jetpack doesn't include all the widgets provided on, most importantly to me Tag Cloud, Flickr, and Delicious.

  5. Look at the Widgets - several of them used to be Plug-in's

  6. @auxclass: I've looked at the Widgets docs, and all I got out of that is Jetpack. Of all the widgets that don't come built-in to WordPress, only the page for the Twitter widget even mentions a plugin to provide its functionality -- the others offer not even a clue about which plugins are being used.

  7. @timethief: Jetpack doesn't include all the widgets provided on, most importantly to me Tag Cloud, Flickr, and Delicious.

    The Tag Cloud widget appears to be an in-house widget but there are many tag cloud widgets that can be installed on sites. Isn't this the one we have at

    Also on sites you can easily locate and install Flicker and Delicious widgets. Check this one out > A Flickr WordPress plugin to display your photos either as a gallery, a galleria or a unbranded slideshow in posts, pages, and sidebar widgets.

  8. @coldacid
    I did tag this thread for a Staff response for you, so please subscribe to it so you will be notified when that happens.

  9. @timethief: Heh, already ahead of you on that. I subscribed to the thread as soon as I created it. Bit surprised that doesn't happen by default for thread creators, to be honest.

  10. Most of our plugins are custom made. You can simply search at to find the similar functionalities.

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