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Which rating plugin is used for ?

  1. Hi, I have 2 blogs at the moment:

    A. the original from
    B. installation on own host since yesterday: (I'm a noob, but I succeeded)

    I want B to replace A when I'm finished.
    I exported from A and imported it in B: succeeded!
    Uploaded same template as A: succeeded!

    But I don't know what plugin is used for the rating system on A ???
    Tried many rating systems but they didn't work like the one in (great rating gadgets for sidebar).

    So, can someone please tell me which plugins to get to have a similar copy on B like on A ?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. For now I have GD-star rating, but I really preferred the one
    from, it shows the rating for posts only when
    expanded for example and the sidebar widgets were better and
    easier to use.

  3. maybe I will give my wp install another purpose If I can't solve it,.
    The only reason why I wanted .org is the ability to change templates
    without the feeling that I'm limited to the ones available:)

  4. @husdal
    Thanks, I've tried that one, it didn't work.
    It seems that GD-star is the only one working without a hassle on
    my installation.

    But I already added the spam plugin, the stats plugin, embedded
    video shows up again like the .com account so I'm already there :)


  5. OK, I sorted it all out :)
    There is nothing wrong with GD-star plugin. What I needed was accomplished with other plugins, wordpress is great when you start to understand things.

  6. Can I also export the hits from .com ? :)

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