Which sidebar widgets do you use and why?

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    I’m only familiar with a handful of them so I’m curious about their usefulness and applications.



    I blogged about this very question at:
    The short version is: I use mainly text widgets, because they are flexible. Among the more specific widgets, I like Categories and Search the best, because each does a user-friendly thing in a sensible way.



    Thanks, Andrew. I’ll have to read your post. I’m still curious about the non-text widgets (specific services) and if/why people use them.



    you should try out those widgets if you have the time and the broadband. you can also search the faq at http://faq.wordpress.com i think they will have at least some kind of description for each widget, because whenever a new widget is released it is informed to wordpressers via the wp blog.



    I wish I understood more about the RSS feed widgets that let you show titles of posts of other blogs. I think my readers would like to see those things, but I’ve no idea how to set it.

    When I’m getting a lot of hits because something’s going viral, I put the Top Posts widget in the sidebar. Generally I don’t want it there because it’s always the same bloody sex posts, and it’s disheartening to watch them never, ever change because having the widget there only reinforces their hegemony. But I put it in when I’ve got a sudden blast of hits, because I know people are interested in those and maybe I can tease them into sticking around. After the hitstorm calms down I take it out again.

    Other than that, I use a lot of text widgets: one displaying a blog button for raincoaster, one displaying my Weather Pixie which tells people what’s happening in Vancouver, one for my Technorati Blogworth Calculator, and one for my Evilness Calculator.

    The standard sidebar dooies I use are the real basics: blogroll, categories, latest posts, latest comments (people LOVE to read these), RSS feed, and stats.



    I have 5 RSS feed widgets in my side bar that show the most recent post from certain other blogs. I don’t have a blogroll as such (my links are for sites i use/read myself, not necessarily blogs). To set up the RSS feed widget, all you have to do is copy and paste the RSS feed URL for whatever blog you want into the setup pane.



    I’m adding in a comment policy text widget this morning. Getting rather tired of folks using my blog to ask questions about wp.com and d.b. *grumble*



    Thanks for all the input–that helps.


    Could someone explain how the “Top Clicks” widget works? thanks



    i think it just means which links in your blog people click on the most.




    I use lots of text widgets, archives, blog stats, categories & vodpod.
    I think its important to have a blog stats because it feels nice knowing you have other people viewing your blog. I also think that vodpod is cool cause i can share my current fave vids.


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