Which store plugin?

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    There are so many great looking options, I have having a hard time deciding, which would be the best store plugin for me? I will be selling digital scrapbook supplies and need and instant purchase and download option. The downloads will not be single images, but will be entire files, sometimes multiple files. Is there a plugin that works better with the instant download of large, multiple files? It would also be great if the plugin worked with the themes so that my entire site will be cohesive.

    The blog I need help with is creativelyobsessed.wordpress.com.



    You cannot use plugins on a WordPress.com, nor can you enable e-commerce. You’re going to need paid hosting and a WordPress.ORG site.


    Sorry, should have said that I will have a .org, waiting for my site host to tell me how to get to my site/page



    Then ask for help on the WordPress.ORG forums, who will be able to help you.



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