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Which theme should I use?

  1. I am in the process of writing my blog.My first real blog on WordPress would be on my travelogue. Any particular theme that you would like to suggest. Please note - it will be a very detailed and informative account of my travelogue along with a lot of photographs. (And should I watermark the photos?)

    So, can anyone from the forum let me know which theme should I make use? Also, is it better to have a separate page/pages dedicated to this particular blog account of my travelogue... or let the blog roll.

    Later on, I will be updating regularly on technology, my travels and things in general. Do let me know.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, you should watermark the photos.

    You can use the theme filter to look for photoblog themes, which would be good for this. And having had experience splitting up content across many blogs, I advise you to keep everything on the blog. People interested in what you did at Timbuktu are surprisingly also interested in what you think of Lady Gaga. It's best to keep it all in one place and use categories to split it up. You can even use a custom menu to put the Travel category on one tab, the Diary on another, etc.

  3. @raincoaster - Which theme should I use?
    Thanks for the suggestion. I will explore more in to the WordPress categories.

    Any other member who can suggest on above, please do so.

  4. You really need to look at the themes yourself - probably all of the themes except for P2 will do what you want more or less - use the Photo filter and take a look - what I like and use on my photo history site of my travels is probably not what you like.

    Also scale down your pictures - two reasons - saves on space so you don't blow through your 3GB limit the first month - also scaled down images are less attractive for theft - a friend that is a pro-photographer jokes that all the pictures on his web site will maybe print to 4 inch by 6 inch refrigerator print size - if you want a large picture you need to ask him for a good file or print

  5. thebirdingbunch

    As the others suggested, you really need to go through the themes yourself to see how they would work with your blog. Personally, I use Adventure Journal and use my own header photos. Most of my posts are a combination of text and photos.

    One blog for everything is my suggestion, too. There was one time I had ten separate blogs and what a job it was to maintain them all. Also, if you have readers who would enjoy all or most of your content, it would be a pain for them to follow every blog.

  6. You can read about all themes and see live demos here:

  7. @auxclass, @justpi, @thebirdingbrunch - Thank you!

    I liked the Adventure Journal theme very much and will make use of the same.

    Also, if there are any suggestions while updating my posts/blogs (I mean to say - the kind of teething troubles one might encounter on a first time roll on Word Press) through your experience and expertise, please do let me know.

  8. Not using the More Tag and having a front page that takes too long to load - very common for photo blogs

  9. @auxclass. Thank you. It's indeed a very good suggestion. I can see what you mean to say.

    I was finding it a bit tricky as I have a lot of images which I again have to juggle around and it is going to be a one long post :-)

    So, just asking you and others also on the forum. I guess I can edit my entire document blog along with pictures in a self preview mode. However, I still haven't been able to figure that out - can some one please help.

    And only when the blog looks satisfactory, will I make it known to the entire world.

    Please let me know on above option and also let the suggestion keep coming.

  10. Preview shows you how it will look except for the More Tag

    save drafts often and preview often - there is a send preview to others if you want to have someone check your work - has two options and a feedback ability -

  11. @auxclass. Thank you.

    So, while creating a new post, you mean to say that I must save the draft and keep the settings to:

    1) Status: Privately Published

    2) Visibility: Private

    But then below these two settings - it is mentioned, Publish immediately. I think this is for me to check on the preview as to how it looks. Right.

    Likewise, keep adding content and photos using various permutations and combinations and check to see how they fit on the page et al.

    Am I right?

  12. Wrt my blog. Here again, the photos eat up a lot of space.

    What I want is that the photos should neatly be places along side the content and at times even flow around the content.

    How do I achieve the above combination?

  13. Just change the size of the photos, either when you insert them by choosing the small or medium sizes or after insertion, by editing the photos.

  14. @raincoaster. Thanks!

    I am doing what you have said. Also, can you please read my earlier posts mentioned to @auxclass.

    Here in, I have written that I want to first check it for myself how the entire blog looks - so keeping the settings private. Please read that and let me know.

    Additionally, I also mentioned about "What I want is that the photos should neatly be placed along side the content and at times even flow around the content." Like how we see the photos in a magazine layout.

    Do let me know.

  15. I don't do theme consulting, sorry. That's way past my pay grade for volunteering, and assisting on layout questions with a private blog is just not going to happen.

  16. @raincoaster. Well, what I asked to everyone on the forum was help me out with any suggestions to make my blogging experience easy.

    Anyway, thanks for the blogging tips that you mentioned.

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