Which theme should I use?

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    I would like my blog — http://overratedlist.wordpress.com — to look a certain way. I have tried to get the look I want by tweaking a few themes (mostly Hemingway and DePo Masthead) but I have not been able to get what I want. Specifically, I would like one Page (like an About page) to show up on the “homepage” of the blog. I don’t want readers to have to click to get to it — I want it to permanent, something they see every time. I don’t care much whether it’s on the top or bottom. I tried using Hemingway for this, by removing all the features from the bottom three columns except the About page — but then I couldn’t figure out how to make that wider, so it just sat in the left with a bunch of blank space.

    The blog I need help with is overratedlist.wordpress.com.



    Just set a static front page.


    Why don’t you just make your about page a static front page for your blog? Then people would click on another link to see your posts.


    Another option is to move your “about” information into a post, and then make that post a sticky post so that it always stays at the top of your main page.


    Neither of these require CSS or anything like that. Both of these features are built into wordpress.


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