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Which themes have bigger font sizes ?

  1. Which themes have bigger font sizes ?

  2. If you use the "visual rich editor" then you can (I believe!) set a larger font size when you're writing in any theme.

  3. pointsofdeparture

    Quentin does.

  4. Not to be too "snarky" but I will anyway.

    Aren't you asking for something you can do yourself? Granted it would be time consuming but you have two choices: Do it yourself or ask someone to expend their valuable time.

    Maybe, with luck, someone already has a list of what you are looking for.

  5. victoriacarolina

    Yes, marc dear, that was snarky.... if it takes this poor guy as long as it does me to see the whole presentation page, and then having selected a theme it takes him as long as it does me to SEE THE GODDAMN THING, I don't blame him for asking.

    radhakrishna, the one I'm familiar with that has a really large easily readable font is Sapphire.

  6. If you think about it, nobody is having to expend any valuable time on anything here. If somebody who sees this thread happens to be using a theme with larger fonts, they'll simply tell us its name. No testing necessary.

    The community at large has more time and more knowledge than any one individual. That's why we have forums.

  7. @ wank

    Right. White as Milk has a decent size font.

    Caveat - White as Milk is also a very simple, clean, uncluttered, and yes very 'White' theme. May not suit all tastes, but its simplicity is exactly why I like it.


  8. i cannot find the "visual rich editor" for getting the change font size option

    Quentin 0.9 has the biggest font size of all

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