Which themes work best for a group of users?

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    I’m using Firefox 3.6.8 on an Imac. I have retried several times to use your workaround Lance and it really didn’t work. Maybe it’s my browser like you say. Sorry :(

    I like the idea of the theme too, I like its simplicity. Thanks for trying to sort it out all :)



    You see why I hate P2?

    It’s terrific for linear thinkers who are sharing typing. It’s a decent replacement for a forum. Otherwise? Not so much.

    And it’s not a good reader experience, either.



    I hate it also – yuck!



    I don’t know if we are ‘linear thinkers sharing typing,’ more a bunch of people with a shared hobby, varied backgrounds and levels of education and computer knowledge thinking that this might be useful to us. The live update feature is really neat and I like the democratic way you can have everyone as authors.

    I was simply looking for a way for 12 or so folk to communicate quickly, in real time, for a few weeks leading up to a shared event, rather than use round robin emails and so on. This looked on the surface like a plausible solution for our specific needs, a democratic group space, not a forum run by anyone in particular, low admin once up and running, no moderation much required etc etc. This theme, or even wordpress itself may not be it, but it was worth a try and we may use it anyway as time is short. I wouldn’t swap my main blog to this, but then that’s not what I was looking to do.


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    Just to clarify I was adding to what lance said, not saying the workaround for the bug dosen’t work.

    1. I was pointing out that you can’t use Flkr for your pictures on P2: they must be uploaded to the library.

    2. Adding more than one picture to a post is rather complicated, involving pasting html code…



    The workaround doesn’t work on the front page for me, but it’s easy to post more than one image into a dashboard generated post in P2. I used a photobucket link for one trial and a direct upload to the library for the other. Worked fine. I didn’t need to go into code, and in fact I cut and pasted a whole email with links to You Tube videos into a post and they are all embedded nicely in the post much to my surprise, which is why I thought this had potential!



    I just went back to the test blog and put a flickr link in to a quick press post and it works ok… came out a bit small but the image is there….


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    Ah, yes, linked images will work in the dashboard. And posting from the dashboard is just the same as it is in any other theme. You can upload or link to as many pictures as you like. In the dashboard.

    The workaround and the exceptions only apply to posting directly to the front page.

    If members of your group understand that they should post from the dashboard, and not from the front page, then they should not have problems using P2 and adding pictures.

    It is the front page which has the bug (and the workaround should work, or perhaps it is as lance suggested: that it is an issue with the browser you are using). It is the front page only where you can’t add images to a post via url link.



    Thanks 1tess! I’ll pass this all on and we’ll see how it goes, maybe one day someone will fix the bugs and or make a better group blog theme, in the meantime I am grateful as always for wordpress’s existence!



    Hi Lance et al, this is one of the first places I found for P2 support so here goes– does anyone know if the following will be supported in P2:

    (1) adding/selecting “categories” (not just tags) to a front page Blog post (looks like categories can only be added in dashboard?),

    (2) editing tags, images, etc once a front-page Blog post is made– currently, it doesn’t seem like I can edit a post from P2 once I submit (I have to go back into the dashboard)

    We’re also looking to make a collaborative group blog and P2 is *almost* there! But the above the features– or lack thereof– makes it almost unsuitable. Problem is that I can’t seem to find another theme that does group collab even close without going back to Drupal etc.

    thx KV



    Hi krisvannest,
    We have plans to eventually have a more feature-rich editor on the front end, where you can edit tags and delete the post. Categories from the front-end aren’t in the plan, though, nor is editing images. Image editing is too complex at this time to be done from the quick-post area on the front end.

    But, don’t give up yet—I’ve seen a lot of activity around this on the WordPress.org forums, you can take a look by search on the P2 “tag”: http://wordpress.org/tags/p2. There are companies and individuals who’ve modified P2 to add category pickers and other features, so you might be able to ask them how they managed it.

    Hope that helps, and thanks for your post.

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