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which upgrade to i need to buy to be able to install themes?

  1. I have bought wordpress themes and found out i couldn't install them because i have a free account. Does anyone know which upgrade i need to buy to be able to install themes? Do i really need the €80 upgrade?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no upgrade you can purchase to do that.

    The only themes you can use on any free hosted blog are those found here > Appearance > Themes and showcased here >

    There is no FTP access to free hosted blogs and we cannot upload any third party themes, create child themes or our own themes or edit templates.

    There is no upgrade you can purchase that changes that. Note that none of the upgrade plans allow you to upload your own themes or plugins or initiate advertising on your blog . If you need a site that requires a custom theme or plugins — e.g., if you want to be able to sell things directly from your site, or if you want to install discussion forums — a self-hosted WordPress site might be right for you. offers free software that you can install on a web server. You can upload and install themes and plugins, run ads, and edit the database. Learn about the differences here.

    To move to WordPress.ORG here's a brief summary of the steps to take:

    1. Hire a web host

    2. Set up a install and equip it with a theme and plugins.

    3. Export your content out of your blog and import it into the install.

    4. Purchase a site redirect upgrade from or if you have domain mapping then update the nameservers

    5. Transfer subscribers and stats. See

  3. I purchased a theme package from Elegant Themes. I assume from reading this I can't use this even with a paid plan?

  4. You can't use it here, only on a self-hosted install.

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