Which upgrades do I need to make the blog completely mine?

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    I want to transfer (or redirect?) my blogs to my own domain but my question is this – with the domain upgrade, will there still be links to wordpress shown? i basically dont want my blog to have wordpress mentioned in it at all, I want it to be like my own…Also, can I redirect multiple blogs to the same domain and have them in folders? example – mysite.com/blog1 and mysite.com/blog2 ? or do i have to use subdomains? example blog1.mysite.com and blog2.mysite.com ?



    If you don’t want your blog to link to WordPress.com at all, you will have to leave WordPress.com entirely. There are links coded right into the themes. I’m pretty sure what you want is an independently-hosted WP blog.



    hi. i am not sure which category i should put my question but i am hoping someone could help.

    i just got approved for payperpost and i am supposed to install a PPP tool. It is a code where I am supposed to add in my presentation theme code. I am not sure where to put it, I am currently using the “connections” theme. Am i supposed to add it as a widget, or should i put it on the CSS header?

    any help would be very much appreciated. thanks



    PayPerPost has been specifically singled out by staff as making your blog eligible for deletion. Do not risk it.

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