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which video plugin does use?

  1. I'm curious: It the script used at to embed videos available somewhere?

  2. TT, please reread the question. They're asking to know if the plugins used here are downloadable.

    Best bet would be to check the site:

    While most of the additions here are not available for download, there should be other plugins that fill in for what you're looking for.

    I've done a number of video sites myself for my own WPMu install but I'm not releasing them as I've gotten tired of what seems like me being the one doing most of the extra coding in the Mu forums. Sorry.

  3. @drmike
    I'm sorry I just didn't twig to what was being asked as being a plugin question, despite the title. {redfaced} Thank goodness you can read titles and can also read between the lines. ;)

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