Which widget is which?

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    I want to use a widget to make a list on my side bar – which one? If I use the text/html, the list does not show up in a column but in one big completely unorganized “paragraph”

    Also since I’m here – say I wanted to make a lists of books that I’m going to read for the year and I want each book title to have a link to amazon.com to show a picture and description of the book in my side bar. Which widget would I use there?




    We need a link to your wordpress.COM blog in order to help. And consider linking it in your user name as explained in the sticky, 8 Things, at the top of the forums


    whoops sorry.
    I think I did it right.
    in case not:


    thank you so much.


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    Use a text widget:
    Make a new post, write and format your list, keeping in mind that sidebars are narrower than the post area. Switch over to html and copy the code. No need to save the draft because you are not going to publish it.
    Add your text widget to the sidebar and paste the html code into it. Save.


    *rolls eyes
    that is so simple.
    thanks so much!

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