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    I have a while loop that is giving me some formatting issues when it renders in browser. I am trying to list some posts (comma separated) in a paragraph tag.

    $postCount = 0;
    echo '<p>';
    while ( $platforms->have_posts() ) : $platforms->the_post();?>
    " title="<?php the_title();?>"><?php trim(the_title());?>
    if ($postCount < $platforms->found_posts) {
    echo ", ";
    echo '</p>';

    However when I look at the HTML source, there’s all this extra white space that is adding an extra space in the browser view.
    <p> TitleA
    , TitleB
    , TitleC

    So instead of my format looking like this: TitleA, TitleB, TitleC

    There is extra space before the comma.
    TitleA , TitleB , TitleC

    Is there something in wordpress php that is causing each Title link to go to a separate line? I would expect the source to look like this
    <p>TitleA, TitleB, TitleC</p>



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