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    The Twitter button is not displaying correctly under posts on White as Milk — please help. This is serious.

    The button is garbled.

    See my blog and you will see the issue. This is my fourth request for help.

    It is not a Forum issue, it’s a Support issue to do with basic WP functionality.

    Blog url: http://davidderrick.wordpress.com/



    Can you try removing the quotation marks from the following in your site’s custom CSS?

    .entry ul li:before,#sidebar ul ul li:before {
    content:”0BB 020″;

    It looks like the quotation marks are being applied to your Sharing buttons, causing the Twitter and Share buttons to be pushed downward.



    Evarlese — No, this just leaves a garbled button without quote marks! It has also removed some nice arrow (>>) motifs in the links on the left, which I liked. I am extremely keen to get this resolved today if possible. Can we connect by phone? I have not done any of my own tinkering in this stylesheet.



    Hallooo …?? We are going to have to ineract fast than this to resolve the issue. I am genuinely grateful for help, but this was my third attempt to get any kind of answer on this and the first change has only succeeded in getting rid of a feature I want. I may turn off the Twitter button because I can’t stand seeing it in this garbled form, but I still need to resolve the problem. Thanks.



    It looks like you’ve disable the sharing buttons now. I believe evarlese was on the right track.

    Would you mind removing that section again and temporarily enabling your share button? Then, take a screenshot and upload it via Media -> Add New in your Dashboard.

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