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    Is there a way to change the white background color for the posts when using the Baskerville 2 theme?

    The blog I need help with is caravaggino.wordpress.com.


    Hi –

    All the theme options for your plan will be found via the Customizer.

    To change the background color of just the posts would require a plan upgrade. CSS changes, like this, require the premium plan.

    Check those out at wordpress.com/pricing/



    Thanks. I guess that means the customization will be in effect only as long as I pay for the plan, correct?


    Well each theme is different in what can be customized on it. If you want to customize the plan, outside of the featured options in the Customizer tab, then yes, you would need to use CSS. The premium plan is required for that.



    I understand that the premium plan gives me access to CSS customization. I could buy the plan, make the changes I want with CSS. My question was what happens if I stop paying for the plan. The customization goes away, presumably, in which case I’d need to keep paying for the plan year after year. Is that the case or is there a “lump sum” option that would allow me to perform customization once and for all?


    Hi –

    If a premium plan is not renewed or it is cancelled then the site is going to lose whatever features of the plan that were in use. Yes, you would lose the CSS work in this scenario.

    Unfortunately we do not offer an individual or stand alone option for just CSS access. You would need the premium plan in order to access it.

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