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    At the end at some of my most recent posts is a white rectangle that says information like tags and categories. It normally was just text and to white. I don’t how to get rid of it. Can you help?
    If you want to see it just go to my blog:

    The blog I need help with is picturesofinspiration.wordpress.com.



    Hi. To my knowledge, that can only be removed with the Custom Design upgrade and knowledge of the CSS language. Do you have that upgrade?


    All of the images with the white box at the bottom have a post type of “image”. That is the way that post type is designed and it isn’t really meant to be used with images and text, just pretty much with images only.

    Open each one of those posts, select the “standard” post type and update the post and that issue will be gone.


    Thanks so much, thesacredpath!



    Thanks tsp from me as well. I learn something new on these forums every day!

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