White Screen Of Death… Possibly my own fault?

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    so I’ve now come across the infamous wsod but I think it was self inflicted.

    i originally had a wordpress.org site running (from when it was created by a ‘friend’ who then abandoned me with it…) which I basically didn’t know how to use. so I created a wordpress.com site and mapped it to the same domain. I have a feeling they might have got confused or something?

    anyway, once I built the site on wordpress.com, I realised nothing was going live and thought it was because the .org version had maintenance mode running. so I logged into the .org site and deactivated maintenance mode.

    once i built the site on .com, i exported it and imported it in the .org site and deleted the .com one, which i think is where i messed up.

    regardless of if this is how it actually happened, the problem now is that when i go to the site (www.jessewragg.com.au) i only get a white screen. if I go to the wp-admin login page, i can login, but then once it’s accepted my details, i get yet another white screen. this means i have zero idea how to fix it because i can’t even get into the admin panel to look for issues…

    so yea, any ideas, you wonderful forum people? pretty please?!



    If you have content on http://www.jessewragg.com.au that you want to recover, the best place to get assistance with the white screen problem is at the WordPress.org forum. You’ll need to register before posting if you don’t have a username there: https://wordpress.org/support/

    If you want to start fresh, but keep the http://www.jessewragg.com.au domain, consider domain mapping. That way you can use your domain on WordPress.com and not worry about the .org site (other than to cancel hosting). Here’s the guide for domain mapping: https://en.support.wordpress.com/map-existing-domain/

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