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white section in LinkedIn

  1. In my LinkedIn account (saskia kuijer) I have added the wordpress application. After my (2) wordpress blogs a white section is shown on my profile.
    I use Windows Internet Explorer 9, I have mentioned this problem at LinkedIn, but they referr me to WordPress.
    How can I delete the white section after the WordPress application in my LinkedIn Profile?

    Kind regards

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Odk anything about thi app but,
    Some things that MIGHT HELP

    1)Try using google chrome

    2)Try reinstalling the app on your page

    3)Try removing one of the blogs from the list

  3. @funreaper
    Please do not make suggestions unless you have not personally tested exactly what you propose and know that it will work.

  4. @funreaper
    1. I do not wish to use Google Chroe, other Windows Internet Explorer users will also see the white section
    2. I have reinstalled the application, but unfortunately the white area section appears again
    3. I use one blog, and I have written 2 messages (or blogs). How can I hide a message on my LinkedIn profile?

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