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    I’ve noticed some of my pages have an excess of white space at the bottom of the page, whereas others don’t. EG ‘Isabel’ page has excess, but ‘Books’ ‘Events’ and ‘Social Media’ are fine – then when you go to the individual book pages , they all seem to have excess white padding at the foot of each page. When I check on the editing pages, there seem to be no addition returns inserted to cause the large space.

    Any ideas how to resolve? Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is isabelashdown.com.


    Hi @isabelashdown,

    Looking through your pages, I wasn’t able to see the additional white space that you speak of – except the footer at the very bottom of the pages with the social media icons on the right-hand side.

    Is this what you are referring to?


    Ah – Pardon me – I see what you are talking about.

    Could you please go to your Dashboard and go to Edit for the “Isabel” page? Once you’ve reached the editing page for “Isabel”, you will see two tabs – “Visual” and “HTML”.

    Please press on the “HTML” tab. Once you’ve done that scroll down tot the bottom of your content.

    If you see :  

    This is HTML for a non-breaking space.

    You can remove those and preview your changes to see if that removed the additional space.

    Please let me know if that resolved the issue or if your still are having complications.



    Sorry again – the code did not stick. Again you are looking for this in your HTML:






    Too funny – I tried to code a space and it literally just gave me a space :)

    At least we know it works!

    Here you can follow the link to show you what your looking for:


    Sorry for the many notifications you received and I hope this helped!


    Aha! It turns out not to be the *nbsp* thing – but you directing me to HTML uncovered all sorts of other unnecessary code I deleted to remove the space. So success! Thanks all :)

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