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    I’ve just spent hours going through these forum posts, and none seem to solve this issue for me.. Under my header, there is a LOT of white space. I’ve been trying to adjust anything I can in CSS to remove it, but I can’t seem to find anything. I know it’s probably a padding issue, but I’m kind of a noob, and I need help. Any ideas? Thanks in advance…

    My site: http://doggiediscountsandotherpetstoo.wordpress.com
    (I’m using the Blissful Blog Theme.)

    The blog I need help with is doggiediscountsandotherpetstoo.wordpress.com.


    It is the nav bar div. The best way to get rid of that would be to create and save a custom menu with no menu items added to it, and then assign that to the main menu location. That way if you later decide to use the top navigation, you won’t have to undo any CSS changes.



    If that doesn’t get rid of enough space, post back here and we can work on reducing it even further.


    That closed it slightly, but I still think it’s too big of a gap. What can we do to reduce it more?


    Thank you for your help, so far, btw. :)


    Hmmm, the nav bar div didn’t go away completely. In your CSS, add

    display: none;

    to the #navbar rule. That will tighten it up a little more. The add the following at the bottom of your CSS and play with the 40px value.

    .postarea {
    padding-top: 40px;

    That should give you enough to get things tightened up where you want them.


    Thank you oh so very much! It looks exactly how I want it, now!

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